My Custom Tunes are Tailored for individual Needs not Mass Market
Fuel mileage gains are one of the main reasons for consideration of getting a reprogrammed ECU.
Because we carefully remap the spark curve with a remapped ECU,  we in effect are increasing
cylinder pressure without adding fuel. Increased cylinder pressure translates into more usable torque and power
to maintain the power required for 'rolling resistance' of the vehicle down the road.


Q. Is premium fuel a requirement?
A. NO. Because we custom tailor each program to our to our customer preferences,premium fuel is only required when
the programming requires he use of such.

Q. What are typical horsepower gains?
A. 15-30% horsepower and torque is the normal expected improvements for gasoline.
Diesel engines can be 50% higher

Q. Will my engine run hotter with a performance tune?
A. NO. Engines will actually run cooler when properly optimized.

Standard with all performance tunes

Complete reflash of the PCM to your VIN, with all factory updates.
Dyno developed performance tune optimized for your exact engine and transmission combination.
Raised and optimized shift points.
Firm, but not harsh, shifts.
Some of the more common modifications to ask for.
Raising the top speed limiter to any speed you specify.
Specifying the exact shift points you want in every gear.
Firmer (or softer) shifts.
Specific tuning for your modifications, like larger than stock tires, gear ratio change,
supercharger, turbo, headers, cam change, higher stall converter, engine modifications, Air intake, Exhaust etc.
E/P tuning with 3DMapping for economy
The Guarantee
We will get your tune right, or will re-tune it at our expense until it is!
Lifetime warranty (no cost or fees, even if the dealer re-flashes it!)
Lifetime updates for all future mods  Can't beat that!!!

All re tunes for any modification are Free

All our Performance Tunes will be re calibrated for any muffler or motor modifications and tire size for life.   
Eliminating  those annoying engine lights due to Exhaust or Engine  Performance modifications.  
No more worries about flipping engines and tranny's
on your  computerizes car or truck l can make any combination work,

One of the best ways to increase fuel economy is through efficiency .
A combustion engine is an Air pump the less it has to work to move the air the more efficient it will be.
Effectively using less fuel and increasing milage . All claims on this page are based on our driving styles to achieve
the greatest milage for a given vehicle . Yours may vary.

What is
MGS Custom Tuning all about?
MGS offers customization at a level far surpassing off-the-shelf programmers.
MGS offers a number of programming options,
from an 87-93 dual octane tune providing modest HP and torque gains up through a "hot" 93 octane tune
that will  blow away any other programmer's so-called "hot" tune. While many handheld programmers claim performance gains,
what they fail to tell you is that most of those gains are only available at the top end of your RPM range.
Programming will give you both HP and torque gains across the entire RPM range of your vehicle.

Each tune is customized for your vehicle based upon the VIN and engine of your vehicle.
MGS first reflashes and updates the PCM with the latest program available from GM & Ford for your vehicle
and specifically for your exact vehicle Identification number, then modifies that program based upon the parameters you specify

Performance Tuning Options

Octane level. Performance tunes are now available with these octane choices:
In all our tunes, using higher octane will increase power and usually the gas mileage too!
The dual octane tuning, race mode Tow/haul and E/P 3Dmapping

1) Dual 87-91 Octane tune -- automatically adjusts for octane.. With excellent performance and gas savings

2) Dual 89-93 Octane tune -- automatically adjusts for octane.
More performance than the                                                              
87-91 tune, but requires using 89 minimum octane.(These dual octane tunes are recommended
for all dual purpose (work/play) trucks.

3) 91 Octane HOT tune -- much more aggressive than the 87-91 dual octane tune. 91 Octane minimum recommend

4) 93 Octane HOT tune -- much more aggressive than the 89-93 dual octane tune. 93 Octane is recommended
(Recommended for performance trucks. Limited heavy towing or hauling for both these Hot tunes!

5) Dual 89-91 Octane Dual HOT tune...The most aggressive and hottest tune available for 91 octane limited area’s!
Eliminates pinging issues with some engines running 91 octane by automatically adjusting to 89 octane level tune
if pinging is detected. 91 Octane is recommended. Suitable for areas where only 91 octane is available, and occasionally 89 octane.
(Recommended for performance trucks. Limited heavy towing or hauling!)

6) Dual 91-93 Octane Dual HOT tune...the most aggressive and hottest tune available! Eliminates pinging issues
with some engines running 93 octane by automatically adjusting to a 91 octane level tune if pinging is detected. 93 Octane is recommended.
Suitable for areas where 93 octane is available, and occasionally 91 octane. (Recommended for performance trucks.
Limited heavy towing or hauling!)

40HP-200+**HP Computer upgrades--no add-on box--no warranty hassles.
The programming is in the truck computer.

Limit speed for Fleet accounts ! Reduce liability--increase longevity--good mileage gains.

** Race programming--suggest shift kit/trans rebuild above 130HP
New modification -- Now dyno'd 245HP and 515 ft/lbs above stock
with very little smoke opacity in comparison to other tuners. (549HP--1039ftlbs at wheels--PCM only)

The new 87/91, 89/93, 89/91 and 91/93 dual octane tunes will be able to run with the lower octane in MOST conditions
with good performance, or with the higher octane or anything in between when even more performance is wanted.
The dual octane tunes are capable of tuning themselves automatically for a higher octane, and retuning again automatically
again when a lower octane is used. The factory tune will only advance the timing to the limits set in the original spark tables.
Filling the gas tank with at least 5 gallons of gas will trigger the automatic octane detection and re-tuning feature.


MGS Custom Tune