Converge for 1996-2017 GM Ford Dodge Ram and Jeep
We Carefully Data Log Your Vehicle and Remap the Engine and Transmission Operating System For and or no modifications
FACT: a customized ECU or PCM with our performance custom tune calibration is the CHEAPEST
and usually the ONLY way to increase the performance level  of your computer controlled fuel injected gasoline or diesel engine.
Whether it's gasoline or diesel -- we can turn up the boost, make that transmission shift right,
remove speed and rev limiting, while improving fuel economy, and improving overall drive ability.
MGS  spends considerable time developing high mileage calibrations for your GM, FORD, DODGE
My Custom Tunes are Data Log and Remapped Specific to your Engine/Transmission
Gasoline 15-30% horsepower increase and torque improvement
Diesel  25-50% horsepower increase and torque improvements
Diesel Savings  3-5mpg increase
Gas Savings 2-3mpg increase

- Ignition 3D Remapping  mileage
-  Custom Diesel Programming
- Air Fuel Ratio Optimization for Custom Applications eg Cold Air Intake
- Transmission Firmness Converter Lockup and Shift Point Optimization
- For improved throttle response
- Tire size and Diff Ratio recalibration for speedo and convector
- Engine RPM limiter and limiter raised or lowered on request
- Custom applications for Racing, Whipple, Magnuson, Radix
Vortec and ProCharger
- Custom tuning for Turbo Chargers, Camshafts, Injector
and Head Modifications
-remove DOD on request

- The PCM and TCM are the Brain of your Vehicle                                     

Excellent Performance Gains & Gas Savings
We will give your vehicle it"s true Performance potential Guaranteed
Why Custom Tuning?
I use the most up-to-date hardware and software to ensure you get the most for your money.
Even if you've tried other methods such as popular handheld or chip units,
you will be amazed at the difference my tuning makes.
Remember, my tunes are tailored to your individual needs, not a mass marketed solution.

Performance Tune optimized for your exact engine and transmission combination.
Standard with all Performance Tunes
Complete re flash of the PCM to your VIN, with all factory updates
Our Promise to you.. We'll give you the best possible service and we'll get it right-at our expense!  
Lifetime warranty.                          
We will get your tune right, or will re-tune it at our expense
Lifetime warranty (no cost or fees, even if the dealer re-flashes it!)
Lifetime updates for all future minor modificatons

              MGS Custom Tune
                             Electronic Fuel Injection Performance Tuning
Our Performance Tunes are Tailored for Individual needs and not the Mass Market
                                  MGS is know offering Mobile Service
      Fleet Owners your Tucks or Cars never go down on Site Service
                           Convenience saving you time and money
Need To Pass Emissions Readiness l can Make Your
                                           Car or Truck Pass Legally
  MGS Is Now Offering Custom Performance Tuning For The 2017 GM Trucks